Wicking Beds

Pine Sleeper Wicking Bed

The wicking bed is one of our premiere products at Urban Sustainable Living.  A centuries old concept that has been under utilised throughout time, especially in the harsh Adelaide summers that we experience here. The wicking bed uses the process of wicking to draw water up from a reservoir in the bottom of the garden bed, rather than top down manual watering.

Basic layout of the Wicking Bed principles
Basic layout of the Wicking Bed principles

Through a series of layers within the garden bed, we create a completely sustainable, self contained watering system, that waters itself!  Yes you did read correctly, it waters itself!!!  The benefits of the wicking bed are huge.

  • No more watering your vegetable patch!
  • The plants draw up the exact amount of water they actually need.  This prevents vegetables splitting or under developing due to too much or too little watering.
  • Prevents erratic and irregular watering, that damage or hamper the growth of vegetables and fruits
  • Your plants and vegetables will not die when you go for a 3 week holiday at christmas.
  • Due to the layers required in the system, the Wicking bed is raised, which means no more bending over to tend to a low set garden bed.
  • The raised garden bed prevents strain from bending over to tend a low set garden bed
  • The wicking bed is an amazing looking feature in the backyad will have all visitors talking.
  • The wicking bed uses a fraction of the water required by top down watering and the resevoir will provide enough water for 1 – 2 months.
  • Did I mention no more watering!

We custom make our wicking beds to fit in with the exact needs of the customer.  Our leading Wicking bed is made from sustainable pine or hardwood sleepers, but we also can make them in traditional hard wood or other materials. We can do many different designs, for not only gardens but

Hardwood Reclaimed Jarrah Wicking Bed

courtyards and even decks.  We can even put them on wheels just in case you need to move the bed in the future.

We do a complete ready to plant wicking bed service, we do not leave you with a kit for you to do all the hard work and for you to chase down the required heavy materials around town.  We build them on site, create the wicking bed and fill them, completely ready for you to start planting.

Merbau wood trim



We can also provide additional features if required, for example shade cloth protection or adding Mirbeau trim to really give the bed that complete look. We also offer a complete plant out service, so the wicking bed is literally “ready to grow”.  Call for a quote when ready to start wicking!


We can custom make our wicking beds to whatever the customer requires, but below are some of our standard pine sleeper wicking bed prices. These prices include all labour and materials required for the finished wicking bed.  The only thing we don’t provide is the top layer of mulch which can be provided at a small additional cost depending on the customer needs.

2.4m x 0.8m x 0.6m Standard Pine Sleeper wicking bed from $780 inc GST, Fully installed.

2.4m x 1.2m x 0.6m Standard Pine Sleeper wicking bed from $830 inc GST, Fully Installed.

Multiple wicking beds

We also offer great discounts for more than one wicking bed purchased, which gets better with the more you order.  So feel free to contact us for further pricing.