We specialise in installing inline drip irrigation systems for either zone watering of gardens or under turf watering. Inline drip irrigation includes the dripper within the irrigation line and are unobtrusive.



Some advantages of inline drip irrigation are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Less weed growth for both garden and underturf watering
  • Reduced disease such as fungal disease as the foliage remains dry
  • Water application efficiency is high when managed correctly. Sprinkler systems are far less efficient than dripper systems which are typically 90% efficient or higher.
  • Less prone to damage such as from lawn mowers damaging sprinkler heads
  • Possible to use ‘fertigation’ where fertilizer can be added to the irrigation system

We use superior products such as Netafim Techline HCVXR and Rain Bird XFS sub-surface dripline. These products reduce the likely-hood of blockages caused by dirt and root incursion.  Call us today for a quote