Australian backyards have been shrinking over the past few decades so it is increasingly difficult to have a productive, edible garden. A space saving solution for fruit trees or indeed ornamental trees such as camellias is to train the tree into a frame work with wires.

This is called espaliering.

Boysenberry Vines

You can have large fruit trees and still have room for living in your backyard.

We set up the frame and wires and plant the tree of your choice. From there we can either manage your tree for you or give you instructions for espaliering the tree yourself.  We can espalier many different fruit trees, ornamental trees and berry vines.  We are also able to set up a watersaving irrigation system to compliment the tree/vine.  So if this is something that may suit your backyard, give us a call for a quote or any questions you may have.

1 Yr old Passionfruit Vine growing under the right conditions