About Us

At Urban Sustainable Living we pride ourselves on good quality workmanship using good quality and sustainable materials.   We believe attention to detail is paramount to creating a productive outdoor space.

Our mantra we follow is

Urban Sustainable Living’s products aim to fulfil goals by being low maintenance, space saving and easy to use. Everyone should be able to produce healthy food from their own backyard or courtyard.

Meet the Team


After completing year 12, Matthew began a career in commercial aviation. His passion though has always been about the natural world and so he went back to University and completed an honours degree in science.

Matthew is particularly interested in gardens in the urban environment that are healthy, compact, sustainable and efficient.


Julian was a Pilot for the beginning of his career but was always drawn back to his passion of environmentally sustainable products.

After visiting Asia and the Pacific islands on many occasions with work, he would always be amazed at how locals would be able to create sustainable and productive areas in very small spaces.  On leaving the Aviation environment, Julian pursued his goal, to use his knowledge and skills to create sustainable areas in the urban environment.