Welcome to Urban Sustainable Living, your one stop shop for sustainable solutions for your outdoor space in the Adelaide metropolitan area.  Whether it be an individual Wicking bed or a whole sustainable backyard make over, we can help.

Urban Sustainable Living’s products aim to fulfil goals by being low maintenance, space saving and easy to use. Everyone should be able to produce healthy food from their own backyard or courtyard.

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Wicking Bed Layout

Our Products

Wicking Beds – Self watering raised garden beds which means you don’t have to water your plants or vegetables again!

Live Stock Enclosures – Have fresh eggs daily from happy chooks, by having a chook run and enclosure installed.

Espalier – Grow a fruit tree or vine in any sized area using the espalier method.

Irrigation – Have green grass all summer long but use a fraction of water conventional systems use by installing dripline irrigation.

Backyard Landscaping – Let us turn your backyard or courtyard into a sustainable wonderland.